Western Morning News

The Western Morning News is a daily regional newspaper founded in 1860, and covering the West Country including Devon, Cornwall, Isles of Scilly and parts of Somerset and Dorset in the South West of England. The Western Morning News was founded by William Saunders and Edward Spender, father of Sir Wilfrid Spender, on 3 January 1860. It has been published continuously since the first edition, including throughout the 1926 General Strike and the Plymouth Blitz. At the moment it is an online publication.




Encyclopedia of World Subcultures

The "Encyclopedia of World Subcultures" is an official mass media. It is a unique popular-scientific project, which was established in partnership with the "Great Ukrainian Encyclopedia" (an official publication of the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine). Project mission is a multivector analysis of world subcultures. Every phenomenon, organization and personality is going to be considered from the viewpoint of followers, scientists and mass media. To get acquainted with the project please choose the language and follow the link below.




Journal of International Security Affairs

The Journal of International Security Affairs is the flagship publication of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). JINSA is a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization based in Washington, D.C. It is dedicated to explaining the need for a prudent national security policy for the United States, addressing the security requirements of both the United States and the State of Israel, and strengthening the strategic cooperation relationship between these two great democracies.





Cultura Historica

Cultura Historica is a web portal on historical culture, theory of history and historiography. Its aim is to offer a wide and well-linked range of pdf-format texts written by leading scholars in these fields, in an attractive format. We also incorporate a substantial number of links, commentaries on historical films and novels and other didactic resources. This project saw the light in April 2009. That has been possible for the collaboration by a considerable number of colleagues from the International Commission on History and Theory of Historiography, the University of Barcelona and other universities throughout the world.






"Africa" is the most innovative Italian magazine dedicated to African continent. Africa magazine publishes reportages and news of actuality, culture, society, sports, economy, travel, art, solidarity... signed by some of the best reporters on the international scene.
Africa magazine realizes exhibitions of great visual and emotional impact, in col- laboration with the best reporter and the most important photographic agencies (Getty, AFP, Panos, Cosmos, Luz, Parallelozero), hosted by municipalities, cultural associations, libraries, galleries...Africa magazine promote and organize conferences, seminars and workshops with analysts, researchers, political, entrepreneurs and reporters. Africa magazine is media partner of exhibitions and cultural events of great appeal throughout Italy.





Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change

The Network aims to bring together recent studies, insights and methodological approaches in this rich, interdisciplinary field as Subcultures. The Network's main aims are to promote and facilitate research, encourage interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to the study of subcultures, initiate and sustain a dialogue between scholars, provide support for peer-review, etc.





Newsletter on the results of scholarly

Scientific and popular journal: Newsletter on the results of scholarly work in sociology, criminology, philosophy and political science is a German scientific-popular-science journal. The journal’s main subject is criminology; scientific disciplines: psychology, philosophy, criminology, sociology, political science. The newsletter focuses on studying phenomena such as crime, organized crime, corruption, money laundering, criminal psychology, criminology as a research discipline, philosophical aspects of crime investigation, political analysis of the influence of crime and its activity on society, public and state structures. The journal aspires to maintain the highest ethical standards of publication and scientific proficiency through peer review and strict policies.





Dogma. Journal of Philosophy and Human Sciences

Dogma is a multidisciplinary quarterly journal founded by the French philosopher Angèle Kremer-Marietti (1927-2013) and was edited by Dr. Angele and Dr. Thierry Simonelli. Several years ago, Dogma was entrusted to Dr. Lucien Samir Oulahbib, the chief editor of the journal today. Dogma editions cover different topics from political philosophy to arts. It encourages different perspectives on relevant issues and fuels your critical and constructive reflections.



Literary-Scientific Newsletter

Literary-Scientific Newsletter is the first all-Ukrainian literary-scientific and socio-political journal initially was published in print from 1898 to 1932. The journal was founded at the initiative of Ukrainian and Soviet historian, public and political figure Mikhail Grushevsky. The “Literary-Scientific Newsletter” published the works of the best Ukrainian writers and scientists and was printed by a scientific society named after Taras Shevchenko. This publication was the first one to publish Ivan Franco’s “Ways-Roads”, Nikolai Voronoy’s “Choral potion” and Lesia Ukrainka’s “Predawn Lights”. It also published Ukrainian translations of Edgar Allan Poe’s, Friedrich Schiller’s, and William Shakespeare’s works. In 2019 “Literary-Scientific Newsletter” was reactivated by courtesy of academician Ph.D. Oleg Maltsev (head of the Odessa regional branch of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences) and Kim Kanevsky (distinguished journalist of Ukraine)




Granite of Science

The “Granite of Science” is a popular-scientific portal that publishes relevant and reliable knowledge about the state of Ukrainian and world science. The “Granite of Science” has become a tool for managing social requirements for science in Ukraine. The journal accepted the responsibility to demand from the scientists to be in line with the glorious past of Ukrainian science and the daring future world tendencies to bring the research of state institutions to the orbit of an advanced enlightened community.




Baudrillard Now

Baudrillard Now is an interdisciplinary journal that aims to popularize the works of Jean Baudrillard and analyze today’s world through the prism of his ideas and theories. The journal is also intended to provide a forum for work at the crossroads of Baudrillard’s philosophy, sociology, radical anthropology and postmodern theory.




Expedition journal

The Expedition journal was conceived as a corporate journal for professional scientists. Here are the shades of the Latin word “expedire”: to unravel, to establish, to equip, to implement – everything a scientist does. The journal was created for all engaged in scientific practice and academic research. “Expedition” presents an objective account of history to give an opportunity for all to view this world from a different plane with different perspectives, to reveal the way mechanisms of power are triggered on a certain territory and in the world, and the way some figures subjugated others in the course of the history. Also, the “Expedition” journal studies how historical architectural buildings are used to manipulate changes in the environment and affect human consciousness. Whereby, an individual makes important life decisions guided by unreliable sources of information. “Expedition” journal is the result of the Expeditionary Corps’ work over the past 6 years since its establishment.




World Of Martialarts

This international publication is established in Germany by a group of specialists in the field of martial arts from different countries around the world (USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and South Africa). The magazine includes eight rubrics according to which world martial arts problems are covered on stream. The magazine provides verified information only, in compliance with EU legislation. Implementation of these regulations is strictly controlled by the editorial board of the magazine. Publication staff consists of 50 highly experienced journalists from around the world.




Nächste Stufe

Nächste Stufe. Erweiterte Ansicht auf die Wissenschaft (“Next Level. Advanced View of Science”) is an online version of German popular-science journal «Nächste Stufe», which was founded in 2012 and originally was only in print. It was founded by Prof. Dr. Cord Arendes (Heidelberg University), Prof. Dr. med. Maximilian Schwartz (University of Munich) and Prof. Dr. Lucas Schmidt-Mende. The objective of the journal is to assemble striking and non-conservative scientific ideas from every corner of the world and enhance literacy and completeness of readers’ viewpoints in areas such as history, medicine, sociology, psychology, cybernetics, and information technology.




The humanities scientific society

The Society is a successor of the Society for Law and State Knowledge of Odessa by Novorossiysk University founded in 1913. Its predecessor was the Richelieu Lyceum Law Society founded after the judicial reform of 1864. The members of the above societies were scientists, lawyers, judges, prosecutors and honorary figures of the city. The main goal of the society is to popularize legal sciences, humanities and conduct scientific research at the intersection of humanities.




BigGuns Photos Concern

BigGuns Photos Concern was founded in June of 2018. The key concept of the Concern is to present the view of the camera as a logical model which explains how to achieve results in life and to use it as a tool for insights. The main factor of photography is the strength of its impact on a person.




Society unites psychologists, psychiatrists, medical specialists and philosophers

Society unites psychologists, psychiatrists, medical specialists and philosophers. The main tasks of the society are to help young scientists and to celebrate the merits of those researchers who have made significant contributions to science. The revival of this society took place on October 29, 2019. The president of the society is the head of the Theurung Association, candidate of psychological sciences Alexander Sagaidak.





The school of historical fencing, "DESTREZA ACНINECH" differs from other fencing schools by the fact that it applies the science of Destreza without any distortion. This school is the keeper of the ancient Chivalric Spanish tradition and cooperates with several research institutes such as the Research Research Institute of World Martial Art Traditions and Criminalistic Research of Weapon Handling, and The Memory Institute.




Digital World

Digital World (DW) is a popular-science core publication – your guide in the world of contemporary IT. Innovation and scientific solutions for some become keys to progress, for others it is a dangerous tool for fulfilling self-interested and ethically compromised goals. DW analyzes and investigates both facets of the digital world, which has become an alternative reality for humankind over the past 15 years.




The Eastern European University Network

The Eastern European University Network – Association of universities from five countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Poland. The aim of the network is to partner in research, teaching students and networking with universities. This goal should be accomplished by means of international grants and research projects, exchange of scientific and research services, the use of infrastructure, implementation of joint educational projects – such as the development of international training programs, exchange of students and scholars.