Jerome Krase

Prof. Dr. Jerome Krase - Emeritus Professor, sociologist, Murray Koppelman Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences. President of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Expert in sociology, gentrification in Brooklyn, Brooklyn ethnic groups, Italian-American politics, culture, race, class, urban life and Ethnicity in New York. One of his recent books includes Race, Class, and Gentrification in Brooklyn: A View from the Street. He is a public activist-scholar and serves as a consultant to public and private agencies regarding urban community issues. Co-Editor of Urbanities, and Editorial Board Member of Visual Studies, and CIDADES.

Oleg Maltsev

Dr. Oleg Maltsev - Author, criminologist, psychologist, photographer, investigative journalist. He is an Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Founder and director of The Memory Institute, head of Expeditionary Corps. He is an author of numerous books in the areas such as applied history, sociology, depth psychology, philosophy, criminalistics, criminology. He has been conducting field research with the Expeditionary Corps in many countries for more than 6 years to explore on what levels and how people are shaped by cities. He is an editor of several interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journals.

Massimo Introvigne

Dr. Massimo Introvigne - Professor, sociologist of religion and intellectual property attorney. Academician of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. A founder and the managing director of the Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR), He was the «Representative on combating racism, xenophobia and discrimination, with a special focus on discrimination against Christians and members of other religions» of the OSCE.

Elizabeth Haas Edersheim

Prof. Elizabeth Haas Edersheim is an adjunct professor at New York University's. Dr. Edersheim is the ThEME's creator, has studied, written about, and advised organizations for over 30 years. Elizabeth is the author of McKinsey's Marvin Bower and The Definitive Drucker: Challenges For Tomorrow's Executives - Final Advice From the Father of Modern Management.

Nick Ienatsch

Nick Ienatsch is an American motorcycle racer, writer, and motorcycle riding instructor (USA). He was a competitor in several American Road Racing Association classes, Motorcycle Grand Prix racing and in AMA 250 Grand Prix class. Nick Ienatsch was the lead instructor for twelve years at Freddie Spencer Riding School. He is founder, CEO and lead instructor at Yamaha Champions Riding School. Champ school’s CEO leads from the seat of a motorcycle, whether in the dirt on the street or in roadracing competition. Off the bike he writes for Cycle World magazine, he also authored books Sport Riding Techniques and The Hill Ranch Racers.

Douglas Kellner

Dr. Douglas Kellner - Author, critical theorist. Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Education, Gender Studies, and Germanic Languages at UCLA. Academician of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Kellner is an author of the Baudrillard page in Stanford Online Encyclopedia. Kellner collaborated with Steven Best on an award-winning trilogy of books examining postmodern turns in philosophy, the arts, and science and technology. He served as the literary executor of the documentary film maker Emile de Antonio and acted as editor of "Collected Papers of Herbert Marcuse," which collected six volumes of the papers of the critical theorist Herbert Marcuse.

Gavin Watson

Gavin Watson is a British photographer, is famous for his documentation of the skinhead and Rave subcultures (and music photography). The Gavin Watson Archive is an ongoing digitisation project working to preserve and share this invaluable cultural asset, telling his extraordinary story and paving the way for future generations. His collection of photographs in the 1970s and 80s would grow into one of the most important and influential photographic youth culture books of the last 20 years. He is an author of Skins (1994), Skins and Punks (2008), Oh What Fun We Had! (2019), Raving.

Ross Haenfler

Prof. Ross Haenfler is a Professor of Sociology at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa. Ross is the author of Subcultures: The Basics; Straight Edge: Clean Living Youth, Hardcore Punk, and Social Change; and Goths, Gamers, and Grrrls: Deviance and Youth Subcultures. He has published in a variety of journals, including Social Movement Studies, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Studies in Symbolic Interaction, and Men and Masculinities. He is an award-winning teacher and also appeared in the documentary Edge: Perspectives on a Drug Free Culture and the National Geographic channel’s Inside Straight Edge.

Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen - is a British cultural theorist, urban ethnographer, community activist, educationalist and poet. Phil Cohen played an active role in London's counter culture and squatting scene from 1965 to 1978. He subsequently became an urban ethnographer, and gained an international reputation for his research on issues of race, class and youth culture. His work has been translated into seven European languages and Japanese. He worked at the University of East London, where he founded and directed the Centre for New Ethnicities Research and the London East Research Institute. Now he is a professor emeritus at the University of East London and a research fellow of the Young Foundation.

Jeffrey K. Olick

Jeffrey K. Olick is an American sociologist, Jr. Professor of Sociology and History and Chair of the Sociology Department at the University of Virginia. He is also co-president of the Memory Studies Association. Olick is a major figure in cultural sociology and social theory and has made significant contributions to the interdisciplinary field of memory studies. His work has focused on collective memory and commemoration, critical theory, transitional justice, postwar Germany, and sociological theory more generally. Recent and forthcoming books include a six-volume collection, A Cultural History of Memory, edited with Stefan Berger (Bochum), "The Collective Memory and The Legendary Topography of the Gospels in the Holy Land», further work includes developing the outlines of what they call “tragic sociology.”

Steve Gennaro

Dr. Steve Gennaro - Professor in the Humanities department at York University (Canada). He explores the intersections of media, technology, psychology, and youth identity. He is one of the founding members of the Children, Childhood, and Youth Studies Program at York University, where he has taught in the Department of Humanities and the Department of Communication Studies for close to two decades, with more than a decade of experience teaching online. He is the author of Selling Youth (2010) and regularly publishes in areas related to the philosophy of technology and critical media studies of youth identity and politics.

Derek Ridgers

Derek Ridgers is a British photographer known for his photography of music, film and club/street culture. He has photographed people such as James Brown, The Spice Girls, Clint Eastwood and Johnny Depp, as well as politicians (Tony Blair), gangsters (Freddie Foreman), artists (Julian Schnabel), writers (Martin Amis), fashion designers (John Galliano) and sports people (Tiger Woods). Ridgers has also photographed British social scenes such as skinhead, fetish, club, punk and New Romantics.

Simon McGregor-Wood

Simon McGregor-Wood - Television correspondent and presenter with 30 years experience across a wide variety of roles. He worked at ABC News, Reuters and Al Jazeera English. In 2015 he joined TRT World in its London Bureau as Europe Correspondent. Growing out of his love of motorcycling he made an hour long documentary on the Isle of Man TT races in 2012: "TT, A Dangerous Addiction." Simon has been on a motorcycle for many years and still rides it to his work.

Aimar Ventsel

Dr. Aimar Ventsel is a PhD in Anthropology, senior associate professor in the Department of Ethnology at the University of Tartu, Estonia. Non-Resident Fellow of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute at the ICDS. Dr. Ventsel is the author of Punks and Skins United: Identity, Class and the Economics of an Eastern German Subculture.

Steven Best

Dr. Steven Best - Author, speaker, public intellectual. Professor at the University of Texas, El Paso. He is an activist with 30 years work in diverse social movements, such as animal rights, species extinction, human overpopulation, ecological crisis, terrorism, mass media etc.

Marco Trovato

Marco Trovato - Photographer, chief Editor of Africa publication. He has been traveling to the African continent since 1990, making inquiries and reports. He takes care of the creation of photographic exhibitions, conferences and cultural initiatives on Africa.

Paul Rhoads

Paul Rhoads, 1956, is an American painter living in France since 1990. Student of students of Hans Hoffman and Marcel Duchamp. Is also conceptor and editor-in-chief of the Vance Integral Edition (the complete works of Jack Vance), composer (opera: La guerre Picrocholine) and YouTuber (Paul-talk). Author of 'Thoughts on Jack Vance' and 'What Is Art?'.

Paul Hockenos

Paul Hockenos is a Berlin-based writer who covered the collapse of communism, Yugoslavia’s wars, and the European Union’s transformations over two decades. His focus today is renewable energy and the climate crisis. He is the prize-winning author of four books on European affairs and was a fellow at the American Academy in Berlin. Paul has worked as a newsroom editor at Foreign Policy, The Guardian Newsweekly, and Internationale Politik.

Jan Christer Mattsson

Prof. Jan Christer Mattsson - is a Swedish researcher and educator and director of the Segerstedt Institute at the University of Gothenburg. He works both nationally and internationally with issues concerning the prevention of violent extremism, countering racism and teaching about the Holocaust. He is the author of the Tolerance Project, which was started on behalf of the municipality of Kungälv after the murder of John Hron in 1995. The Tolerance project aims to prevent the recruitment of young people to Nazi and white power groups.

Bernardo Attias

Dr. Bernardo Attias - Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at CSUN. His research focus emphasizes cultural approaches to communication studies as well as communication-centered approaches to cultural studies. His teaching philosophy, which stresses interactivity and critical thinking skills, reflects a strong commitment to the educational process. He develops unique and challenging course materials, and has been at the forefront of the move to integrate new technological resources into the educational process.

Micah Issitt

Micah Issitt - independent scholar and writer. Issitt works with academic publishers, libraries and research institutions to create easy to read articles and books translating complex issues for a general audience. His books, like "Hippies" is an informative investigation of hippie culture from a modern perspective; "Goths", looks at the development and evolution of goth culture in the United States and abroad, with a focus on music and fashion; "Hidden Religion"

Lucien Oulahbib

Dr. Lucien Oulahbib - writer, lecturer, sociologist, political scientist. Academician of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He is a chief editor of scientific journal "Dogma". Dr. Lucien spent many years working together with french thinker Jean Baudrillard. Author of numerous scientific papers and books on french nihilism and neo-leninism, radical islamism, anti-americanism and antisemitism.

Athina Karatzogianni

Dr. Athina Karatzogianni - Professor in Media and Communication at the University of Leicester, UK. Academician of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. She has an extensive record of publications and citations in disciplinary, field-specific and cross-disciplinary research outlets, and has demonstrated sustained success in securing research income from Research Councils UK and the European Commission. Her most recent book is (2018) Platform Economics: Rhetoric and Reality the "Sharing Economy".

Matthew Worley

Matthew Worley is a professor of modern history at the University of Reading and co-founder of the Subcultures Network. He has written widely on British labour and political history between the wars, though his more recent work has concentrated on the post-war relationship between youth culture and politics. He is the author of No Future: Punk, Politics and British Youth Culture, 1976-1984.т He is editor of numerous books such as The Aesthetic Of Our Anger: Anarcho-Punk, Politics and Music.

Vitalii Lunov

Prof. Vitalii Lunov - Associate Professor in the university named after O.O. Bogomoltsa. Academician of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Member of the American psychological Association, the American Academy of clinical psychology, World Federation for mental health (USA), the European Academy of natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany).

Liudmyla Fylypovych

Prof. Liudmyla Fylypovych - Religious scholar, head of the Department of Philosophy and History of Religion in Institute of Philosophy by G.S. Skovoroda, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Professor of National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”. Vice President of the Ukrainian Association of Religious Studies. Executive Director of the Center for Religious information and freedom of the Ukrainian Association of Religious Studies.

Mikhail Minakov

Dr. Mikhail Minakov - political philosopher, editor. His major philosophical investigations focus on human experience, social knowledge, political system, historical consciousness, and multiple modernities. Editor-in-chief of Kennan focus Ukraine, Kennan Institute. Editor-in-chief of Ideology and politics journal.

Maxim Lepskiy

Prof. Maxim Lepskiy – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor at Zaporizhzhya National University. Head of Research Board in Social Forecasting Sociological Association of Ukraine, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Avi Nardia

Avi Nardia is a martial artist, founder of the defence martial art KAPAP. In the course of 24 years as a reserve officer, he (Major, IDF Res.) has served as an official hand-to-hand instructor, safety officer and served in the Special Counter Terror Unit. He has also trained Police agencies and armed forces all over the world, from Police patrol and corrections officers to SWAT, SRT and SERT team members along with Army, Marine and counter terror units and Special Forces.

Viktor Kotygorenko

Prof. Dr. Viktor Kotygorenko - Professor, Head of the Department of National Minorities of I.F. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He is a President of the Ukrainian Academy of Political Sciences.

Skvorets Vladimir

Ph.D. Skvorets Vladimir - doctor of philosophy, associate professor, head of the Department of sociology at Zaporizhzhya National University, the author of 115 scientific and methodological publications, among them two monographs: "The life of people as a social phenomenon" (2012); "Transformation of the sociohistorical organism of Ukraine: analytics of social processes" (2019).

Vita Tytarenko

Ph.D Vita Tytarenko - Doctor of philosophy, associate professor, senior scientific associate of the philosophy institute named after G.S. Skovoroda NAS of Ukraine. Religious scholar. An expert on issues such as the current state of religion and religiosity in the world and in Ukraine; trends and forecasts of religious development; state-confessional relations in Ukraine; freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, interfaith dialogue and tolerance.

Marco Andreacchio

Dr. Marco Andreacchio - Independent scholar, educator and author of works in political philosophy. Andreacchio’s research spans from Sino-Japanese philosophical classics to Western counterparts; he has taught at various higher education institutions and published systematically on problems of a political-philosophical nature, most notably on Dante Alighieri.

Igor Kaprysin

Igor Kaprysin - Doctor of Philosophy. Associate Professor. Professor of the Department of Sociology. Zaporizhzhya National University. He is the author of more than 50 works on history archeology, paleoanthropology, cultural studies, religious studies, social philosophy, of which 2 are monographs.

Maryna Illiusha

Maryna Illiusha is a fate analysis expert. Head of the Scientific Research Institute “International Fate-Analysis Society”. Member of the special scientific unit “Expeditionary Corps”. Presidium member of Psychological and Philosophical Scientific Society.

Iryna Lopatiuk

Iryna Lopatiuk - Associate fellow of Ukraine Academy of Science and the Memory Institute. Member of the special scientific unit “Expeditionary corps”. Chairman of Odessa Historic-literature scientific society. Secretary of Psychological and Philosophical Scientific Society.

Federico Roso

Federico Roso - Former Carabiniere, health and safety consultant, consults organizations to reduce health and safety risks at the workplaces. He is qualified in fields such as Prevention and Protection Service, Safety Training Instructor, High Risk Fire Fighting and Self Defense.

Costantino Slobodyanyuk

Costantino Slobodyanyuk - Head of the Scientific council of the Institute of Information security. Associate fellow of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Editor-in-chief of the Newspaper “Unsolved Crimes”.

Kulyk Maria

Kulyk Maria - Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor of Sociology at Zaporizhzhya National University. Member of the Sociological Association of Ukraine

Sanjay Soekhoe

Sanjay Soekhoe is a professional strength and conditioning coach, boxing coach, and videographer. Currently, he trains athletes in various disciplines. He is one of the few Westside Barbell certified coaches in the world and the first in the Netherlands. His research interests are martial arts, improving athletic performance, and strength-conditioning. He also writes for the international publication World of Martial Arts.

Eduard Boyko

Eduard Boyko - Postgraduate student of the Department of Sociology. Zaporizhzhya National University. Founder of the training program " School of Leadership" for students in grades 7-11 in Zaporizhzhia.